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The Sisyphus is not a game focussed on mechanical resolution of combat. What follows are guidelines on the resolution of conflict, but in any case, drama and the appropriate response in the circumstances should be followed.

Maintaining the feel and spirit of the game is more important than strict rules, this is your chance to collaborate on the intricate and dark tale being woven deep in the bowels of the vessel. With this in mind we have only included mechanics which assist in helping you tell the story or provide guidance on how the paranormal physics affect your character.

The key principles here are:

  • Numbers always win
  • Loser decides severity and significance of injury
  • No physical contact unless agreed
  • Be generous in your play

Whilst the Sisyphus is not a “combat” larp there may be instance where conflicts boil over into violence. In these situations you should follow the below guide to resolve the conflict.

Conflict Resolution (Unarmed Conflict) – “You Want Some?”

Unarmed conflicts are easily resolved through weight of numbers.

  • If your character has more people on their side backing them up, then they win, simple.
  • If numbers are the same on both sides, a stalemate results, with no “loser” until and unless a third party becomes involved.

The “loser” of the encounter should act appropriately and no physical contact should be made unless both sides agree through verbal prompts. Note that this physical contact should be no more than a minor tussle or arm grab, and that physical contact does not alter the outcome of any conflict – numbers still win – and is included purely for the purposes of creating theatre.

If you wish for the scene to involve physical contact you should use a verbal prompt to indicate to others you wish to do so –

  • Initiator: “You want some?
  • Target: “Come get some” – I am happy to engage in physical contact
  • Target: “Any other response” – I am not happy to engage in physical contact.

In all cases, the loser of the conflict determines the nature and severity of any injury effects on themselves.

Armed Conflict Resolution

Only approved larp-safe weapons should ever be used to strike another person. This must be done in a safe manner with the blow suitably pulled as to not injure others.

If struck with a weapon you should act appropriately. You may of course add your own interpretation to the effects - a metal bar may leave your character bruised or render them unconscious after several blows. A knife will have a character needing stitches but a blow from a fire axe will have your character needing some serious medical attention. Play into the tropes and style of the 1980s here.

  • If you are lightly injured or bruised you should try to take no further action and move away from any combat area to safety. You will recover naturally once the scene is over and any remaining combat or associated roleplay is over – use your judgement here. A player may wish to seek minor first aid for their character – plasters, bandages, etc.
  • If you are more seriously injured you should consider yourself incapacitated until you have spent at least ten minutes in the Infirmary being treated by a medical professional.
  • You always decide your own injury level.

In all cases, the victim of the attack determines the nature, severity and consequences of any lingering effects of combat.

Conflict Resolution (Guns)

Guns are scary and dangerous. Guns may not play a part in this game. However; if they do…

  • If a firearm is pointed directly at your character and they do not have a firearm readied, your character should surrender.
  • If multiple firearms are in play, the side with the fewest firearms or the smaller ones should surrender.

Where there is an uncertainty, or a character wants to shoot first you may shout “FIRING” to indicate that a gun has been discharged.

Any character who believes they may have been struck by a bullet should act appropriately.

This will then end any stand off and the side with the least number of, or smaller firearms in play, should then surrender.


We trust you to die at the right time, be generous with you role-play and don’t be afraid to let your character die if the time is right.

It’s a dramatic theme, a single knife wound won’t kill someone but if the time is taken to stab your character repeatedly or hack them to pieces with a chainsaw then please respect that.

In the unlikely occurrence that your character is killed please remain where the character died for a short time to allow others to roleplay around you. A member of the in character event team will ensure that you are then moved to the morgue for debriefing.

The Morgue

In the event of your characters demise they will be taken to the morgue as discussed in the section above. Once in here you will be given and additional brief by a member of the event team regarding “what happens next”.