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The Sisyphus


Originally built in 1950 as a Dutch coast guard vessel called Algol, she was acquired via a cover company by New World Industries in 1981 as a testbed for new technology. She now carries extensive crew accommodation and technical resources.

The game environment represents the interior of the Sisyphus. All areas that are accessible to players are assumed to be parts of the ship’s interior. If you encounter an area marked with an off-game sticker (see below) then assume that area is not accessible to you.

A Place for Everything

There will be indications in your lockers of where your personal effects need to be placed before retiring every evening. Both the Captain and Dr Lanchester insist on running a tidy ship with a place for everything and everything in its place.

While you are free to complain and grumble about their obsessive requirements for neatness, there is an out of game reason for these requirements so please abide by the instructions…

Leaving the Environment

Once we call time in there is no IC way to leave the Sisyphus.

In-game, from a certain point the weather outside will be very poor, necessitating that the crew remain below decks. The main outer deck is, for game purposes, out of bounds.


We ask players to have an eye to the period when selecting costume, but practicality is king. Remember you will be moving through a shipboard interior.


Food options will be available for all palates and approaches. There will be cooked breakfasts available Saturday and Sunday (post game) mornings, and hot and cold food options, tea and coffee available in the galley at all times during the game.

Please be aware if you use the galley, it will need to be left in a suitable clean and tidy state.

If people wish to bring their own snacks or extra food that’s fine – but please try to keep it appropriate to the setting. Many products from the time are still available today.


The Lord Amory has extensive bunk sleeping arrangements. Berths will be assigned based on teams – please talk to the game team on arrival to find out your berth.

Please let us know in advance of any equipment you will need for health reasons, especially if it will require power.

The game is a 24-hour time-in during Friday and Saturday and as such sleep may be disturbed during the game; please bear this in mind when considering your travel arrangements for the following day.

The Bell

At key moments during the game, you will hear the ringing of a bell. This will go on for some time to ensure all areas of the ship are reached.

  • Upon hearing the bell, please return immediately to your berth and lie in your bed, as if asleep.
  • Do not discuss the situation with other players
  • When in your bed, do not react to, interact with, or respond to, anything or anyone you may see.
  • Please remain in your beds until you hear the alarm clocks go off. This is likely to be a period of 10-15 minutes.

We will elaborate more on the Bell and how to respond to it in the workshops ahead of time in.

Please note: the handbell is an out of character mechanic, and cannot be avoided or influenced by in-character means.

Locked Doors

If you encounter a door marked with an off-game sticker that represents a door which is OC out of bounds during play. You are not permitted to enter that area in or out of character.

If you encounter a door with red lights around it, this door is for the time being locked in character and cannot be opened.

If you encounter a door with amber lights around it, this door is locked, but can be unlocked if the correct process is undertaken. This will require either the solution of a puzzle or following a set of instructions in the presence of one of the deckhands. Note that each ambler-locked door has only one acceptable process for opening it – they cannot be forced, picked or otherwise opened without the correct process

If you encounter a door with green lights around it, it has been successfully unlocked and can be entered normally.

Off Game Items

Items which are off-game/out of character, but which need to be kept in the in-character area (medical equipment, personal supplies, etc) can be safely secured within the IC area by placing a “out of character” sticker on them. These stickers can be obtained from the game organisers by request.

An item marked with the stickers (see illustration above) is out of bounds and may not be touched, searched or interfered with in any way.

The Morgue

If your characters should unexpectedly meet their demise they will be taken to the morgue. This is a dedicated area of the ship. If your character dies and is taken there, please make sure the game team will be aware and wait for a member of the event team for debreifing.

Modern Electronics

During time-in please ensure all electronic items (phones, tablets, etc) are stowed invisibly in a bag or container marked as OC, and switched off. Phones should be sent to silent or switched off/contained during time in.