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The Sisyphus will include some themes of ingrained bigotry along political lines – the fault lines of the Cold War, the factions in the UK sociopolitical scene of the time, and the demonising of “the other”.

While we acknowledge the presence of tensions around orientation, gender and race in the period, some of these topics are representative of the 1980s at their very worst.

Sisyphus is a mystery thriller, not a documentary, and we don’t think the specifics of play around this kind of discrimination would do anything other than detract from the game, and negatively impact peoples’ experience.

The game explicitly excludes any themes of racism, sexism, homo- or transphobia or bigotry based on those specific themes.

All characters for The Sisyphus are written as gender- and orientation- neutral – it does not matter who plays the characters, who they partner with or how they present, if they do so within the parameters of the character sheet.

Use your best judgement, be a generous player and always err on the side of caution.