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At this event characters are pre-written. Prior to the event, players taking part will receive a questionnaire about things like experience, play styles and preferences. Characters will be assigned to players based on those answers. Characters briefs may be also customised to the player to help acheive a "good fit".

With the above in mind, the below should give potential players a broad idea of some the kinds of characters available.

The Crew of The Sisyphus

The players are split into a number of teams. Below, we provide some information around what each team is about - and the kind of game that each team focuses on. This is merely indicative and within each team there's a lot of variety of roles, but these are the broad themes. As high-level, basic tropes of each team, there will be nuance and exceptions individually, but it should give players a general idea of how each team "feels".

The Master of The Sisyphus and the Ships Crew

This is the captain, engineering and medical crew of The Sisyphus. As a commercial vessel, these are Merchant Navy, but have an extensive background with the ship and the practical installation of the refits overseen by New World Industries. The crew is a close-knit family - with all that goes along with that. There will be links into the science and military teams, and play will revolve around interpersonal themes, the everyman exposed to the unknown and crisis management.

Captain Oram, Master of the Sisyphus . Ian Andrews
First Mate Daniels
Bosun Lope
Chief Engineer Upworth
Dr Hallett, Ship's Doctor
Electrical Officer Faris
Radio Officer Ricks
Able Seaman Cole
Able Seaman Rosenthal
Ships Nurse Ledward
The Deckhands

The New World Industries Team

This is the scientific and engineering team who have designed and built some of the innovations fitted to The Sisyphus. They are along partly to see their new inventions in action and partly as support if anything malfunctions or requires adjustment. They are competitive with one another, specialists in their fields, and protective of their reputations. Play will revolve around weird science, liason, exploring the deep background, interpersonal politics and some crisis management.

Dr Lanchester, Managing Director, NWI Antony Andrews
Dr Thesiger, Operations Director, NWI Helly Dabill
Dr Brockton, Head of Propulsion Research
Dr Scott, Head of Materials Research
Prof. Abronsius, Head of Engineering
Dr West, Head of Electromagnetics
Dr Gernsback, Head of Field Research
Professor Loyola, Head of New Technologies
The Ministry of Defence

This is the team around the Defence Secretary and the procurement specialists in the Ministry who have been working with New World Industries. They are on board to protect their investment, to claim credit if all goes well, and to apportion blame if all goes badly. Play will revolve around politics, both national and interpersonal; intrigue, investigation, key decision-making under pressure and crisis management.

  • There are expected to be approximately five player parts available
Lambert MP, Minister for the Navy
Debrett, Undersecretary of State for the Navy
Caine, Civil Service
Ashe, Civil Service
Parker, Civil Service

The Observation Team

This is a group of scientific consultants who are not associated with New World Industries but who are here at the Ministry's behest to observe, assure and verify the experiments. They are a wide variety of people from disparate backgrounds with unusual specialisms. Play will involve liason, investigation, politics, puzzle-solving, and weird science

MacReady, Folklorist
Dr Clark, Clinical Psychologist
Professor Childs, Neurosurgeon
Dr Copper, Quantum Physicist
Dr Garry, Sociologist
Norris, Sonar Engineer
Palmer, Naval Engineer

The Royal Navy

This is a small group of Navy officers and ratings aboard to liaise between The Sisyphus and the Royal Navy vessels on maneuvers in the area. There are some ties to the Sisyphus crew and to the MoD. Play will involve military scenarios, liason, possible action, influencing the civilian authorities and some exploration of personal traumas.

Lt Cmdr Burke, RN
Rating Dietrich
Rating Crowe

The Press

What would a voyage like this be without a press contingent? This small group of individuals represents two publications authorised to observe under MoD guidelines. Their presence is unwelcome but tolerated. Play here will involve intrigue, investigation, arriving as an outsider to the larger group, risk-taking, some action, and exploration of political and ethical themes.

Carter, New Scientist Reporter
Greenwald, Jane's Fighting Ships Reporter
Jones, New Scientist Photographer
Bernstein, Jane's Fighting Ships Photographer Oliver Facey