Final Run! 26th January 2024, London Docklands

An interactive theatrical gaming experience by Carcosa Dreams

Held on a real ship on Canary Wharf; high emotional stakes, puzzle elements and a bleak science fiction mystery set in the retro backdrop of the cold war in the early 1980s

It is the early 1980s.

Set during the early stages of the Falklands conflict at the height of the cold war and with the very real threat of nuclear terror at the forefront of the public mind, Big Science is seen as both the cause and the hoped-for solution to many of the problems of modern humanity.

The Ministry of Defence has commissioned a civilian research team to facilitate testing on a new kind of propulsion system onboard The Sisyphus, a commercial shipping vessel.

Swift developments in the fields of science – laser technology, the Voyager program, home computers and the beginnings of the digital age are beginning to trickle into mainstream consciousness. The fore-front of this is New World Industries, a British tech giant, headed by husband and wife team the Lanchesters. Their innovations forever seem to bring the world ever closer to a new age of advancement.

Current sociopolitical priorities are driving this technological change, but is there more to it? and what happens when things go wrong?

Beyond the bleeding edge of our science lie unknown spaces – spaces which humanity may not be ready for.

As the story unfolds into a waking nightmare, can the crew save themselves before time runs out, or are they condemned to become a forgotten footnote in history?

The Sisyphus is game of dark suspicion, intrigue, fringe science, technology and morality set against the bleak backdrop of the cold war and early Thatcher-era Britain. Players should expect strong themes of problem solving, mental endurance, sensory deprivation, high emotional stakes, moral choices and devastating consequences.

This event is held on The Lord Amory, moored at Canary Wharf in central London, with experimental game mechanics and special effects, players can expect a highly immersive experience.

Dare to explore the unknown and join us on 26th – 28th January 2023
Price:£250 (fully catered on-board accommodation)

Feedback from previous runs

“In this time of Facebook, email lists and Discord servers, there is a tendency for larps to be dissected, discussed and analysed ahead of time; and whilst this can provide many opportunities for developing play and deepening the overall experience, for those larps whose stock-in-trade is secrets and exploration it is a problem. Sisyphus was deliberately, gloriously vague about the experience that it offered and all for the better.

A wilfully opaque game, filled with secrets and intrigue that would make a bestselling mystery writer proud, the tale of the Sisyphus unfurled its petals of discovery with all the grace of a particularly disturbing orchid. A delicious blend of character-centric play and organiser-led narrative left its participants thrilled, emotional and with the lasting understanding that here was a fiction that made sense within itself. Sometimes with games of mystery there is a need for a long debrief from the games runners to explain the plot. Not so with Sisyphus, as by the end all of us were clear on the twisted tale in which we were participating, and how our personas fitted within it.

The setting was beautifully realised, not only by the actual real life ship on which we were playing, but also by smart and innovative scenography and sound design. Immersion was easily achieved by the wonderful props and effects.

An excellent blend of old school mystery freeform and modern game design, I would heartily recommend Sisyphus to anyone wanting to lose themselves in a wonderfully realised universe ripe with tough choices and stunning revelations, and a glorious final payoff.”

John Shockley

“How to recommend The Sisyphus without giving anything away?

Eighties politics, science and mystery – what’s not to love.

Live Action Roleplay made easy with baked-in bonding sessions and group dynamics.

Puzzles both mental and moral to contend with.

Location on board actual ship perfect for this sort of game.

Only You get to choose what character you want to play.

Stranger things happen at sea.

Tech, costume, props and FX of the highest quality.”

Helena NasH