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Safety First

The safety of all participants is extremely important, your own personal safety is your responsibility and so it is important that you know how to fight as safely as possible whether it be with melee weapons or bow and arrow. Before considering combat of any kind, you need to understand and be aware of the following rules.

If you are unsure or this is your first larp event you must attend the new player briefing held at the start event. Please let us know during the safety brief.

Safety briefing

Due to the nature of the venue the site warden will do a safety brief before anyone is allowed on board the vessel. More details will be released on the timings for arrival and departure. All participants must be present for this brief.


Be careful when on the dockside and do not walk or stand near the waters edge.

Personal Responsibility

You may not engage in any kind combat if you have been drinking excessive amounts of alcohol or are under the effects of any medication which will impair coordination.

  • Anyone found or suspected of being “drunk” and engaging in combat will be removed from the combat by CD staff as a safety issue.
  • Further action, up to and including removal from from site when sober may follow.

Accidents Do Happen

Live roleplay can be physical and as such, even when following all of the rules, it's still possible for accidents to happen. If they do, keep a cool head and follow these instructions.

  • In the event of an accident or other dangerous incident please shout clearly shout SAFETY followed by the issue happening.
    • So for example if someone has fallen and is injured you should shout SAFETY FIRST AID.
  • If you hear a SAFETY call please stop role-playing straight away and remain where you are so that the games team can find and deal with the problem sooner.


  • All participants must keep noise to a sensible level during off game periods including music in cars and out of character areas.


The consumption of alcohol is permitted however there are some basic principles we ask all participants to respect.

  • Know your limits. Any persons requiring medical assistance or physical assistance to be safe as a result of excessive alcohol consumption may lose the right to attend future events.
  • Alcohol and darkness do not mix well. If you find that you have been drinking a substantial amount then we expect you to stay in or around your camp for your own safety.
  • Alcohol and combat do not mix. Anyone found inebriated and engaging in combat will be removed from the game and asked to leave site when sober.

Illegal Substances

  • The consumption and or possession of illegal substances is not permitted at any Carcosa Dreams event.
  • As well as being asked to leave site, we will also have no option but to inform the local police of the incident.